Kayla Irving - Fine Artist

Born and living in the UK. I enjoy all types of art. Focusing mainly on pencil drawings and improving my skills as I go. I have had the privilege to draw beautiful subjects from dogs to eagles and even the Mayor of the city I live in for the Mayor's Parlor.

I adore experimenting with various mediums and expanding my knowledge. I get a lot of inspiration from seeing our artists work and seeing their achievements, as well as finding new ways to try to improve my own ideas.

I have a strong affinity for animals and enjoy being around them. If I'm in a group, I'm more likely to be the one in the corner playing with a pet than than participating in the conversation.

I'm terrified of public speaking. Otherwise, I'm an outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people and learning about their lives. This generally makes me desire to study new techniques in fine painting. Normally, I am working on a variety of unfinished tasks.

In 2017, after formally deciding that I want to pursue a career in art, I want to provide people with the opportunity to have a favourite work in their homes and offices by attempting to offer a diverse range of artworks in various mediums.

I'll eventually have the confidence to put my work on display for everyone to see.