Kayla Irving - Fine Artist

Born and living in the UK. I enjoy all types of art. Focusing mainly on pencil drawings and improving my skills as I go. I have had the privilege to draw beautiful subjects from dogs to eagles and even the Mayor of the city I live in for the Mayor's Parlor.

I enjoy learning new mediums and exploring my skills. I find great enthusiasm from watching our artist and seeing their results and finding a new way to try and develop my ideas.

I have extreme passion for animals and embrace their presence in a room, I'm most likely to be the one in the corner playing with a pet rather than joining a group conversation.

I have huge fears of public speaking. Otherwise i'm generally an outgoing person and enjoy meeting new people to hear their stories. This usually inspires me to want to learn new ways of fine art. Usually I have many different unfinished projects on the go.

Officially realising I want to further my career in art in 2017 I want to offer people the chance have a loved piece in their homes and offices by trying to spread offer a variety of pieces in different mediums.

Eventually I will pluck up the courage to exhibit my work for everyone to have a chance to come and see in person.

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